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Last updated: 04 July 2021

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Throughout history ‘knowledge’  has always been the primary source of power within a society, whether it be military technology, scientific knowledge, the governance of society and all the applied sciences and politics associated with the same. The advent of the internet has provided humanity in general with access to a vast amount of information that was once only available to a small percentage of privileged individuals associated with the ‘elite’ who have controlled society through hidden levers of power for thousands of years. Having access to reliable sources of information is central to gaining an accurate understanding regarding the events that affect human experience. It goes without saying that appropriate decisions in any course of action can only be made on a consistent basis if one has access to accurate information and its associated knowledge base.

By the same token, the dissemination of false information (i.e. fake news and propaganda) is equally important to those wishing to hide from the general public the real agenda pertaining to their various nefarious activities. The computer adage that “garbage in results in garbage out” applies equally to the belief systems of humanity.

It is impossible to make “appropriate decisions”  if one’s source of information and associated belief systems are false. Discerning truth from falsehood is essential if one is to succeed in making appropriate decisions. The purpose of the article linked below is to provide the reader with access to some reliable sources of information identified by the author in order for one to develop an accurate knowledge base.

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Alex Paterson

July 2021



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