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This article describes how to remove a 2 litre kombi engine from a 1974 VW Kombi.

Alex Paterson (April 2002)



UNDERSIDE: (Use a pit or hoist if available)

1. Disconnect Heater Control Links.

2. Disconnect Fuel Line at Fuel pump and plug. Plug fuel pump inlet. (a 4 inch nail or equivalent metal rod will suffice as a plug)

3. Remove Left and Right hand bottom Cowls.

4. Disconnect Oil Temperature Probe. (if fitted)

5. Disconnect Starter Solenoid Wire. (red with black stripes)

6. Disconnect Vacuum Brake hose from left hand side of carburettor balance tube.



7. Disconnect Heater booster fan ducting.

8. Disconnect Wire from +ve Coil terminal that goes to Carburettor Solenoids and automatic chokes.

9. Disconnect Throttle Return Spring. (if fitted)

10. Disconnect Throttle Linkage (use Allen Key)

11. Disconnect Hose from left hand carby to aircleaner

12. Disconnect Hose from right hand side of aircleaner to engine breather.

13. Disconnect Vacuum lines located on the underside of the aircleaner

14. Unclip the Aircleaner retaining clips located on the Carbys (2) and main body of Aircleaner (2)

15. Lift the Aircleaner up through the overhead engine access hole.

16. Fit covers to Carby inlets and and the left hand Carby airline to Aircleaner

17. Disconnect Oil pressure Gauge oil line. (if fitted)

18. Disconnect Tacho wire from Coil -ve terminal. (if fitted)

19. Disconnect Wire Loom assembly from the Alternator to the Regulator.
        Note: Mark wires with tape so as to reconnect them correctly on installation.

20. Disconnect the two wires (2) connecting the Loom to the Kombi Body - a Green Double wire & Black single wire

21. Carefully remove the foam boot that surrounds the engine bay isolating the top of the engine from the bottom.
         Note: The foam boot join is usually located at the rear about centre of the vehicle.

22. Remove the 3 rear sections of tin Cowling around the Oil Filler. (facilitates engine removal)



23. Jack up vehicle such that rear back underside of the vehicle body is at least 750mm above the ground.

24. Fit vehicle stands under rear jack up points.

25. Locate Trolley Jack slightly towards the rear of the engine oil strainer and jackup to take the weight of the engine.

26. Remove two (2) Gearbox Mounts located at the top of the gearbox.
        Note: These two bolts are very hard to get to with engine in place - an air driven ratchet is almost essential to perform this task.

27. Undo rear engine mount bolts (4) and carefully lower Engine/Gearbox combination until rear axle drive shafts begin to support the engine/gearbox.

28. Undo the two (2) lower Engine/Gearbox mounts.

29. Undo the two (2) upper Engine/Gearbox mounts.

30. Carefully pull the Jack supporting the Engine away from the Gearbox lowering the jack in stages until clear of the gearbox.

31. Lower the jack with engine to the ground and wheel it out from under the vehicle. (may need to tip the engine slightly to oneside then the other to clear the van's body)

32. Manually lift Gearbox back in place and temporarily reinstall Gearbox Mounting Bolts. (jack not required)



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