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Updated: 14 February 2021


GPG is an open source version of Phil Zimmerman's PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). 
To all intents and purposes a GPG key pair is the same as a PGP key pair. They are interchangeable.
GPG software is considered safe from having hidden back doors etc because the program's source code is freely available for scrutiny by anyone.
By contrast, PGP is now owned by a private company and the source code of current PGP products is no longer available for independent scrutiny.

Below is the link to download Alex Paterson's GPG Public Key.

The said 'key' has been compressed as a zip file in order to facilitate downloading it into your computer's 'Download' folder.


    Alex Paterson's GPG (PGP) Public Key


Alex PATERSON is an Australian airline pilot by profession. He writes articles and advises on issues pertaining to aviation, politics, sociology, the environment, sustainable farming and forestry, history, computers, natural health therapies and spirituality.

He can be contacted at:


Photograph of Alex Paterson 


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