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A paradigm is a pattern or set of 'rules' we choose for the purpose of experiencing 'reality' in the phenomenal realms. Life on earth and the physical Universe is one such paradigm.

Like all reality, the physical Universe is simply an expression of CONSCIOUSNESS of the Creative Principle (or God for want of a better word) In the physical Universe this consciousness manifests itself as 'energy'. The nature of energy is holographic, meaning all energy is inextricably interconnected and an exact rendition of the WHOLE infinite universe. Our minds are simply holographic energy which by definition remains connected to the WHOLE universe at ALL 'times', despite the illusory perception of separateness that we experience in this paradigm. 1

The physical Universe is a consensus reality, in that it is the 'idea construct' of all the souls (i.e. points of consciousness) involved in it. However, paradigms are personal to the consciousness to each 'individual' soul, meaning that the perceptions of reality are specific to each individual. 2

According to William Cozzolino, "when we 'focus' our attention on 'something' we have access to an infinite number of possibilities with our minds. However, the paradigm we have chosen limits our perceptions to only those possibilities that 'fit' within the rules of that paradigm, screening out all other possibilities. In a sense paradigms act as filters, refining and selecting the holographic potential of the quantum (infinite) Universe (i.e. the WHOLE) to meet our expectations in accordance with the 'rules' of the paradigm we have embraced. In other words, we 'see' and experience 'reality' in accordance with the 'rules' of the paradigm we have collectively created."

In REALITY we are the entire Universe, and as there is no such thing as a part thereof and no real separation despite the perception of separation we experience as humans in this paradigm. Because of this, we have the ability to step beyond the bounds of our present paradigm and embrace an unlimited number of possibilities associated with the infinite, including dispensing with illusion of our separate identity (or ego) altogether and merging back into the WHOLE. 3

However, it would appear that in order to invoke experiences outside our present paradigm, we need to remember, and hence KNOW, that we are the entire Universe, not just a 'separate' bit of it as perceived by us under the 'rules' of this paradigm (i.e. the Physical Universe), and suspend disbelief that we can operate outside the 'rules' of our present paradigm.

This is not as easy to do as it sounds because suspending disbelief in the 'rules' of our present paradigm would appear to threaten the perceived survival of our EGO self. 4

Throughout history there have always been humans who were well aware of who they really were (i.e. that they are individualised, but inseparable aspects of God) and who were able to invoke experiences outside the paradigm of this dimension. In this way they were able to display abilities considered 'supernatural' by their contemporaries. A well-known historical example of this was Jesus of Nazareth, who was able to invoke the so-called 'miracles' recorded in the Bible. A present day one is the Indian mystic, Sai Baba, who routinely manifests jewellery, watches and rings out of thin air as gifts for people. However, most humans incarnating on earth at the present 'time' have 'forgotten' who they really are and as a consequence are unaware of their ability to step beyond the limits of their present paradigm. Not only do they 'think' the limited 'existence' they are experiencing in their present lives is 'real' (as opposed to a sophisticated illusion), but they fervently believe that their experience is all there is to reality and deny the existence of their true identity! 5 Even though some occasionally experience 'mystical events' in their lives, the experience usually leaves most of them confused because their 'ego' self doesn't 'know' what is happening as it falls outside the rules of their present paradigm.

Article based in part on THE PATH by William Cozzolino (link now dead)


1. NOTE: Our mind is not the product of the workings of our physical brain. The brain is simply a physical organ which, like all organs of the physical body, has a function to perform in this paradigm. The function of the brain is to filter our infinite potential and reflect in this physical reality, the images that our mind is presenting to us, much like the movie screen in the cinema reflects the images emanating from a projector.

Based on 'The Path' by William Cozzolino, Chapter on 'Paradigm'. (link now dead)


2. Each individual soul is under the illusion that it is a separate aspect of GOD for the purpose of experience. However, in reality nothing is separate from God and at its essence there is no such thing as an individual soul. For more on this subject see:


3. The author's experience of 'The Void' and 'Near Death Experience' are examples of this infinite potential.


4. See: EGO SELF by Alex Paterson (yet to be completed)


5. As the Indian mystic, Sri Aurobindo, wryly observed: "An atheist is God playing hide and seek with himself."


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MASTER INDEX of articles written, posted online or recommended by Alex Paterson


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