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In 1905 Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity which shattered all the principle concepts associated with Newtonian Physics. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, space is not three (3) dimensional and time is neither a separate entity from space, nor is it fixed. According to Einstein both Space and Time are intimately connected and form a four (4) dimensional continuum of 'space-time'. Under such a paradigm the concept of a Universe comprising an aggregation of separate little parcels of subatomic particles (Newtonian Theory) becomes meaningless. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a universal flow of time meaning time is neither linear nor absolute. Space and Time are relative to the observer and as such two (2) observers will experience events in a different sequence or 'time' if they move with different velocities relative to the observed event. From the perspective of Relativity Theory, space and time simply become elements to describe phenomena and tend to support the esoteric concept of the Universe 'comprising' a multi-dimensional unbroken interconnected 'WHOLE'.

Space and Time are so basic to the average human's day-to-day experiences that the concept of space and time not being 'fixed' or 'separate' is simply beyond their perception or understanding. For this reason most humans continue to relate to the Newtonian model of the universe based on a 'fixed' three (3) dimensional universe made up of 'solid' particles operating under a linear space-time continuum (i.e. a fixed sequence of events; 'A' followed by 'B' followed by 'C' etc) despite the fact this theory was found to be manifestly inadequate nearly a hundred (100) years ago. 1

Energy & Matter Are Interchangeable

Einstein's Theory of Relativity also postulated that Energy and Matter are interchangeable in accordance with his famous formula of E=mC2. In other words, matter could be considered as simply 'slowed down' or crystallised 'Energy' and as such the human body is nothing more than a complex 'energy field'. 2

This insight provides a framework enabling one to begin to understand the Esoteric concept that the observable universe (including the human body) is made up of multi-dimensional energy fields and provides a scientific context to the Human Energy Fields or auras 'surrounding' human bodies observed by so many people. It also provides a context to the widespread rediscovery and acceptance of a host of 'new age' concepts pertaining to a holistic view universe in which everything is interconnected, and the health thereof. 3

Based in part on Barbara Brennan's 'Hands of Light' (P23)


1. See: PHYSICS - NEWTONIAN THEORY by Alex Paterson


2. E=mC2 where E = energy, m = mass and c = speed of light


3. See: ESOTERIC THEORY by Alex Paterson


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MASTER INDEX of articles written, posted online or recommended by Alex Paterson


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